Building a Design-Focused Economy


Cape Town Design Network is an independent, non-profit body that connects, advocates and represents design and designers in Cape Town. CTDN encourages and facilitates networking amongst designers, creates awareness of the design industry and promotes the use of design in addressing economic and social challenges. CTDN envisions design in Cape Town to be recognised as a key enabler for improving lives. CTDN grew out of the Creative Cape Town Clusters initiative, started in 2008, which provided a platform for Cape Town creatives to connect and create innovative partnerships. Through collaboration and openly sharing information, ideas, resources and energy, CTDN aims to link Cape Town’s fragmented design industry.

Design Storming

Design Storming is a weekend get-together that tackles issues of social significance to Cape Town’s citizens. It uses design to bring people together, raise awareness and develop open-source ideas and interventions, which can serve as a catalyst for change.

The Design Storming model emphasises collaboration: it is not about creating new programmes, but rather about working with stakeholders to think of ideas that will result in improvements.

Design Dialogues

Design Dialogues is an evening event with stimulating speakers and cold beer. It’s a platform for emerging creatives and industry thought leaders to network, interact, forge cross sector connections, and share knowledge and experience. Design Dialogues is grounded in Cape Town’s unique context and covers topics that contribute to the growth, sustainability and general wellbeing of the creative industries. Design Dialogues is a platform to ask the tough questions, to make critical appraisals and consider our unique offering within the global context.

Open Design

Open Design Cape Town is a 12-day festival in August that’s open to the public. This annual city-wide event creates an educational, inclusive, collaborative platform for the people of Cape Town to use design and its numerous disciplines to openly share their design with each other. Open Design Cape Town raises awareness of and increases appreciation for design by all.

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Cape Town Design Network is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (127-163 NPO)

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